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The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Ethics Reform Forum in Columbia

Wednesday, January 28, at the Columbia Chamber of Congress. See Calendar for more information. Senator Judiciary Chair Larry Martin and Attorney General Alan Wilson will be on the panel. Click here to register.

LEAD Meeting in Columbia on January 31

For more information, including links to the agenda and registration form, see the calendar. The Clemson Area League will pay registration fees for our members. Car pools can be arranged.


Every year at this time we as a local League throw our two cents worth in the pot for charting the course for the state and national League in program planning. Every year at this time we have a lunch meeting to accommodate those of our members who don't like to go out at night. Every year at this time we have a meeting in Oconee County because so many of our members live in Oconee County. So it all comes together at Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe in downtown Seneca, in the back room, on Saturday, February 14th at 11:30. We will order from the menu and talk about state and local program (in even numbered years, it's national and local program) and send recommendations to the state League.

Where should we concentrate our attention? Ethics, education funding, environment, transportation, taxes, home rule, voting integrity, child welfare? You can review our state position (click here) and decide where you think our energies should go, whether we need to have a neew study or revisit an old position or just decide where to concentrate our energies for the next two years. We will have some abbreviated summaries available at the meeting for you to use as a discussion guide.

We also have local position on growth management and education. Do we need to act on them, revisit them, or address some other pressing local issue? How can we make a difference inout three counties?

No pre-registration is necessary. Just show up at the Sandwich Shoppe and join us in the back room for a lively conversation and a sense of ownership of our League, local, state, and national. We look forward to being with you on February 14th.

General Meeting -- Immigration -- Feb. 17

Many of us in the Clemson League participated in the national League consensus on Immigration a few years ago. Immigration is a hot button issue once again, with Obama's unilateral actions to protect many current immigrants from deportation and Congress's pushback. We have invited David Dreher to bring us up to speed on what is happening and what the pros and cons of various alternatives might be. David is a veteran of 25 years in the U.S. foreign service and teaches some popular OLLI classes on immigration issues. We are delighted that he can be our speaker on Tuesday, February 17th. So come listen, learn, ask, and be informed. Then tell your representatives in Congress what you think.

LWV Supports Pickens County Millage Increase

A quality public education is essential for a strong and sustainable democratic society and is a civil right.

The League of Women Voters believes that our schools should be adequately financed. Therefore, we support this increase in the millage rate.

A petition supporting the millage increase is available here


Home Depot now accepts used compact fluorescent light bulbs for recycling at all of its US locations. Many CFL users have been concerned about mercury contamination when these super-efficient bulbs wear out. Now we can dispose of them safely.

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