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Problems with Scanning Ballots

Problems with the ES&S M-650 Scanner

Ballot machine noted for errors  Includes mention of problems with Zip drives. -- The Daily Republic, Mitchell, SD, June 23, 2012.

Lincoln, Sanders and Powell Counties in Montana -- June 2012.

Davison County election results in doubt   "Extra ballots were added to the count, apparently by machine error." -- June, 2012.

Vote machine company holds off on machine inspection pending lawsuit outcome -- June 19, 2012

Problems with the ES&S DS200

EAC Certified System Technical Advisory

Overheated ES&S DS200 automates election, places 60K votes itself

Test it cool and the count will be perfect. Test it warm and the count will be nonsense ES&S then ran its own tests and concluded that if a machine is not cleaned correctly, it will lose its calibration once it warms up to working temperatures. The board must now let all 3000 machines run for several hours before test-balloting. -- May 2012.

Problems with ES&S M-100

Letter from Ruth Johnson, Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds to EAC -- April 2011.

Other Scanners