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Op-eds by League Members

State Should Examine Voting Machines by Eleanor Hare in The Pickens Sentinel - July 5, 2010.

What Would Be Accomplished By a Photo ID? by Janie Shipley in The Easley Progress - February 12, 2010.

Objections to point-of-sale defy economics by Holley Ulbrich in The State - January 17, 2010.

It's Time We Got Started on the Clean Energy Path by Carl Ulbrich in the Anderson Independent-Mail - November, 2009.

South Carolina voting machines are not trustworthy by Eleanor Hare in The Easley Progress - 7/17/09

Charleston Post and Courier op-ed on the need for inmate rehabilitation and education in the SC corrections system. Written by Sharon Fratepietro, LWV/Charleston Area member and member of the Criminal Justice Committee - 7/10/07

LWVSC's op-ed on child care quality, penned by Janet Marsh and published in The State - 6/24/07

Letters to the Editor

Not the Time to Invest in Coal by Bea Bailey in The Anderson Independent-Mail - 2/27/09

Statements to County Delegations


Advocating for secure accurate reliable voting machines with directors in the offices of Senator Graham and Senator DeMint -- 7/29/08