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Alternative Voting Technologies

LWV-SC Task Force on Alternative Voting Technologies


An Alternative Voting Technologies Task Force was created by the League of Women Voters of South Carolina Board on March 12, 2011. The proposal for the adoption of the task force is available here.

Problems with the accuracy of the certified vote using the current Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting system are expected to accelerate replacement of the current voting technology. The League needs to be knowledgeable about possible voting technologies in order to participate in selection of the next voting system.

This task force will examine the existing literature and periodically share collected information with the membership of LWVSC, utilizing the SC Voter and statewide meeting such as League Leaders' Day and State Council. Duncan Buell and Eleanor Hare will be co-chairs.

In June, 2012, representatives of the League were invited to meet with staff of the Legislative Audit Council (LAC) of the General Assembly. The League provided the LAC with a summary of our involvement with the Election Systems & Software (ES&S) voting machines.

In March, 2013, State Board received a report summarizing the activities of the task force over the past two years and reauthorized the task force for an additional two years.

Legislative Audit Council Report

Before becoming Lt. Governor, Senator Mitch McConnell requested the Legislative Audit Council of the General Assembly (LAC) to examine voting machines used in South Carolina. The audit objectives of the LAC were to

1. Evaluate the voting machines currently used in South Carolina and identify issues or concerns wit the current system.
2. Determine if the training provided to election officials is adequate and appropriate.
3. Determine alternatives to the current voting machines and identify issues or concerns with those systems.
The LAC report was published in March, 2013. A 1-page synopsis of the LAC report was prepared by a League member for use in meetings with legislators, but reading the entire report is highly recommended.

According to the LAC Report, the iVotronic voting machines were purchased from ES&S in 2004 and 2005 for $2995 each and the ADA-approved iVotronics for $3195 each.

LWV Studies

Report on Election Auditing, January 2009, Election Audits Task Force of the LWV-US.