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Series of Articles on Voting

Paper Ballots

The most basic requirement of a trustworthy voting system is a paper ballot, but even the paper ballot needs judicious protection.  Read article
It is not sufficient to trust that the election system is recording our votes correctly, it is necessary to verify that our votes are recorded correctly by the county and, subsequently, by the state. The document, How to check that precinct votes are correctly recorded, gives anyone the ability to verify precinct votes reported by the county and county votes recorded by the state.
South Carolina Voting System Makes Hacking Difficult  describes the transparency built into the SC voting system. Having non-partisan professional election directors is especially important to the integrity of an election.   Read article
Also published in Statehouse Report.

The Illusory Recount.   South Carolina does not really recount the vote, even when required to do so by law. The voting machines have no ballots to recount and paper ballots are "recounted" by running them through the same scanner that counted them the first time. This article proposes constructive solutions. Read article
Also published in Statehouse Report.

Say NO! to Internet Voting explains why voting on the internet, including voting from phones, is a danger to our democracy. Read article