Making Democracy Work

LWV-CA People and What They Do

Our Officers, Directors, and Some of the People Who Make Our Programs Work

Current Officers and Board Members

The Board of Directors will meet fourth Tuesdays. See calendar for information.

2018-2019: Officers:

President: Ansley Fraser ('18-'19)
President Elect: VACANT ('18-'20)
Vice President for Program & Action: Matt Saltzman ('18-'20)
Secretary: Rosellen Aleguire('18-'20)
Treasurer: Bill Hare ('17-'19)
Elected Directors):
Mike Ellison
Catherine Farris
Cheryl Lee (Voter Service)
Janet Marsh (Membership)
Cece Parker (Advocacy)
Ruth Reed
Elizabeth Vogt (Newsletter)
Patty Warner

Appointed Directors:

Eleanor Hare

Nominating Committee:

Carol Kozma
Janie Shipley
Carol Ward

Specialists and Their Responsibilities

Off-Board Specialists:
Holley Ulbrich (LWVSC Co-president)
Matt Saltzman (Redistricting)
Linda Gahan (Natural Resources)
Cheryl Lee (Voters Service for Oconee County)
Bill Hare (Voters Service for Pickens County)
Elaine Epstein (Voters Service for Anderson County)
Janet Marsh (Child Welfare)
Eleanor Hare (voting machines)
Ellie Taylor (natural resources)
Dan Warner (solar)

Other League Organizations

The League of Women Voters of the United States is headquartered in Washington. This website covers the League at the national level and includes the League's positions and action on issues of national interest. This site provides easy access to all fifty state websites (and D.C.).

The web site for the League of Women Voters of South Carolina covers positions and action at the state level.

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