Making Democracy Work

Positions Adopted by LWV of the Clemson Area


  • The LWVCA believes our schools should be adequately financed. Therefore, we support increased taxes, if necessary, for Pickens, Oconee and Anderson County schools.

  • The LWVCA supports greater fiscal autonomy for the School Boards of Trustees in Pickens, Oconee and Anderson Counties.

  • We support returning to the current structure of the Pickens County School Board with six area seats and one or three at-large seats.

Growth Management

  • We support intentional and collaborative growth management in the three-county area (Anderson, Oconee, Pickens) of South Carolina.

  • We encourage regular consultations among public agencies related to growth and development and local elected bodies -- city councils, county councils, and school boards. We also encourage an open and frequent dialogue between those agencies and the general public on growth management.

  • We support the concept of managing growth to preserve and enhance quality of life for all residents, old and new, through the effective and coordinated use of such land use management tools as conservation easements, purchase of development rights, development impact fees, and zoning where appropriate.

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